Fox Woods Equine is focused on dentistry as a part of wellness care and preventative medicine in horses.  Your horse's dental care is an integral part in his overall well being. Regular dental examinations and maintenance on their teeth is especially necessary for today's horses, providing them with a longer and more comfortable future. Regular proper dental care enables your horse to utilize feed more efficiently, maintain proper body weight and carry a bit more comfortably when bridled.  Many performance issues can be addressed through a thorough and complete dental exam and dental balancing.

Fox Woods Equine utilizes the most advanced motorized equine dental instruments that enable us to provide your horse with the highest level of dental care.  A dental head stand support system is utilized to provide comfort and minimal stress to the horse and client. In cases where dental abnormalities are identified, we are able to further assess the problem with digital radiology on the farm.


Common Dental Abnormalities

- sharp enamel points causing oral ulcerations
- retained caps (baby teeth)
- retained wolf teeth
- hooks and ramps on premolars and molars
- imbalanced quadrants (leads to many areas of discomfort)
- diastema (space between teeth that trap food)
- periodontal (gum) disease
- fractured teeth


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  • "I cannot say enough about the level of care, standards of practice, professionalism, expertise, kindness and open communication provided by Jennifer Thompson, DVM. Dr. Thompson sets high standards by which all others should be measured."
    Mary Lee Miller / Madison, WI
  • "Very professional and excellent with the horses. So happy to have found a knowledgeable, friendly, equine vet! They're very rare"
    Andrian Zimmerman / Markesan, WI
  • "Dr. Jennifer is the best! Couldn't ask for a better vet for my horses and now my donkeys. You rock!"
    Donna Gabbei / Poynette, WI