Podiatry Evaluations and Consultations

Podiatry Evaluations and Consultations

Many times a primary source of lameness can be foot or foot related.  By assessing and addressing hoof balance and alignment through the use of digital radiology both before, during and after trimming, many lameness issues can be resolved.  By working together with your farrier, the goal is to return your horse to soundness and comfort as quickly as possible.


                                                                                                                   Before                                            After

The horse pictured above had been on and off lame for over a year.  Visual evaluation from the side showed that the shoe had been set too far forward.  (Notice the line where the back of the shoe ends on the foot.)  The toe was also too long and forces were causing the deformation of the hoof wall.  Radiographs were taken and measurements were acquired to assist the farrier in where to set the shoe in relation to the coffin bone. These same images provided information as to how much sole depth there was to work with and the balance of the foot.  Additional radiographs were taken after trimming and foot prep, before shoeing to again assess hoof balance and progress.  The final result shows the finished foot and how much the shoe was moved back on the foot.  Lameness greatly improved within a few days and completely resolved within 3 weeks.


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